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Μικρή αγγελία εργασίας FULL STACK MARKETER (Inbound and Outbound Marketing) , προς Ζήτηση εργαζόμενων, στην περιοχή Αθήνα-Κέντρο

FULL STACK MARKETER (Inbound and Outbound Marketing)
Περιοχή:  Κέντρο, Αθήνα
Συναλλαγή:  Ζήτηση εργαζόμενων
Αναρτήθηκε:  20 Μαρ 2019
Επισκέψεις:  155
Επίπεδο μόρφωσης:  -- Άλλο --
Επαγγελματικό πεδίο:  -- Άλλο --
Ξένη γλώσσα:  Αγγλικά
Είδος απασχόλησης:  Πλήρης
Επίπεδο ξένης γλώσσας:  Άριστο
ΠεριγραφήThe marketing experts have the necessary tools to develop, execute, and monitor marketing plans, providing direction and advice about how best to reach a target market. The key skill of an experienced full stack marketer is being able to ignore the “bright shiny object syndrome” of whatever the latest marketing trend happens to be. Instead they focus on marketing principles and draw from a rich and varied set of experiences and tools to apply tried and tested approaches to each specific situation. The goal is to deliver effective marketing programs that will help our reputation and growth. RESPONSIBILITIES Assist in outbound or inbound marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas (content development and optimization, advertising, events/Meetups planning etc.). Use Marketing Automation for customized campaigns that expertly target our ideal buyer, and move them through the sales cycle to maximize the ROI of marketing programs. Use web analytics software, plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels (social media, e-mail, TV etc.) in collaboration with the other marketers of the company. Conduct keyword research and web statistics reporting. Familiar with Google Ads/ Facebook Ads/ LinkedIn Ads. Conduct market research to find answers & keywords about consumer requirements, habits and trends, such as research new online media opportunities that can benefit business, including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums. Will be responsible for creating engaging content for use on social media channels, live streams, newsletters, blogs and articles, landing pages, etc. Should be familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and Pages, Quora, Medium, Twitter etc. Use the technique of Storytelling: Stories can be incorporated into all your forms of content: blogs, e-books, whitepapers, and even our “About us” page to captivate our audience with a compelling brand story. REQUIREMENTS Proven experience on digital marketing. Demonstrable experience in marketing data analytics and tools. Solid computer skills, familiar with Google Tools (Drive, Docs, Forms, Calendar), Slack, Trello, Wordpress and applications (Web analytics, Google Ads etc.). Can work in a team environment and assist with other projects and marketing related duties. Exceptional communication and writing skills. Familiar to Start Ups Philosophy. Working or personal experience in content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, community management, or another related field. Strong writing abilities for blogs, articles, landing page. Fluent in English, both verbal and written. Experience in managing social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Live streaming experience (YouTube, Facebook). Basic HTML understanding. Good customer service abilities Clearly communicate while in a fast-paced environment.